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    Strasbourg, 08 July 2020.
    Atomic Subscription Manager (Eur59.85)
    Tools of forwarding and management of lists. The ASM (Atomic Subscription Manager) gere all requests of user: subscription or withdrawal automatically,
    Atomic List Manager (Eur39.85)
    Software of management. It duplicates, amalgamates and repairs the lists of email. Many options included.
    Atomic Mail Sender (Eur59.85)
    A program of sends mail in mass. It envoit the E-mail directly with the recipients without identifying your ISP.
    Atomic Mail Sender (Eur39.85)
    A programme of checking of your lists of forwarding. It checks each address of each list and eliminates the non-existent addresses.
    Atomic Whois Explorer (Eur29.95)
    A fast program to extract from the E-mail addresses of CD/DVD-Romanian It treats all known types of CDs and DVDs.  
    Atomic Mailbox Password Cracker (Eur24.85)
    A universal program to reconstitute passwords forgotten for the mail programs like Outlook, Eudora etc...
    IE Contacts Spy (Eur29.85)
    Automatic extraction of i' nformation of each visited Internet site! It works like Internet To explore plug-in.
    Atomic Email Tools

    Atomic Mail Sender
    Flexible direct mail delivering and newsletter sending program.

    Atomic Mail Verifier
    A must-have email verification program if you manage mailing lists.

    Atomic List Manager
    In-house and independent studies show that using this mailing list manager increases ROI up to 15-25%...