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    Strasbourg, 08 July 2020.
    The use of the Internet has revolutionized commercial methods nowadays.
    Thanks to this technology, the world market is within the range of a click of mouse.
    The Internet offers the possibilities as regards potential client relationships in a meritorious circle, to improve the quality of the services rendered while reducing cost.
    Lesmails.com platform for the sale of email addresses aims at supporting you in yours projects of direct marketing on the Net.
    Specialized in the supply of opt-in emails addresses , our various solutions will allow you rocket booster your sales.
    We have a data base of 280 million emails addresses broken down by country and area of interest
    We also propose powerful software to you to update your mailing environment.
    Statistics show that in an emailing campaign the rate of response is 1 to 3 times higher than for a postal mailing, the rate of return is generally 1 to 52 %, with an average of 35% within 3 days.
    Medium and large companies, businessmen and salesmen, with  "lesmails.com" you have the posibility of targeting a specific sector to sell specific products.