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    Strasbourg, 08 July 2020.
    12 GOLD RULES OF E-mailing
    1- A mailing campaing is done with primarily opt-in addresses

    2- A concisse, precise, and targeted mail captivates its reader

    3- Never accompany yours mails by enclosures ( virus!!! )

    4- Organise and choose the links which will enable you to treat your request.For most request half is done the same day or the following day of the sending of your emailing.

    5- Indicate a telephone number, more than 35%Internet users prefer to telephone

    6- Insert a visit card for people who wish to add you to their address books

    7- Include a possibilty of withdrawal of subscription to all mails sent to you

    8- Send mails regularly, at least one per month (for example)

    9- Defer your mail made during a moment of traffic to be sent when lines are most fluid

    10- Ensure that the relationship with your prospective customer is personal as from the first contact in order to lead quickly to a relationship of goodfaith

    11- Be informed on the periodicity of your mails

    12- Be informed on the periodicity of your mails